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Registrar’s Office 


The Office of the Registrar strives to respond inquiries accurately and promptly, to meet or go beyond customer expectations for assistance, and to handle clientele and each other with respect and professionalism. 


  • Administer an efficient registration and scheduling process to deliver the College’s curriculum in accordance with its policies and regulations 
  • ensure that the college maintains accurate personal, academic and enrollment records for its entire student population, past and present, and provide access to data desired
  • provide timely, precise guidance and support to students as they work towards degree completion 
  • earn respect for excellence in academic services and the use of technology that benefits the higher education community 
  • care for employees by promoting a friendly and stimulating office environment with opportunities.



The Office of the Registrar coordinates and controls activities involving students’ enrolment and registration, transfer, and graduation. The office is primarily responsible for the updating and safekeeping of student and faculty records, as well as other vital documents and records of the College, and for the maintenance of such records in strict confidentiality. The Office is also primarily responsible for the enforcement of the regulations regarding admission and transfer, accreditation of courses and units, curricular load, sequence of courses, etc. Inquiries concerning admission, curricular offerings and similar information are routinely referred to and handled by the Office of the Registrar.
In order to provide its services effectively, the Office of the Registrar has three sections: the Systems Support Staff Section, the Academic Credit Evaluation Section, and the Records Section.

Systems Support Staff Section
This section handles tasks concerning enrollment, structured data collection, storage, retrieval, and management of records. This section prints certificate of registration and grades for students, parents, college deans, and records section. It handles approved request for correction of grades, withdrawal of courses or enrollment, encoding new/revised curriculum in the system. It also checks the faculty load report each term.
This section enforces the administrative and academic policies and procedures in the use and implementation of systems. It also recommends improvements on the systems functionality to make its services more client-friendly.

Academic Credit Evaluation Section
The Academic Credit Evaluation Section evaluates the academic performance of students to determine year level and credits earned for the purpose of graduation.
This section sees to it that NMSCST policies regarding sequence of courses, course content, load per term, residence requirements, cross-enrollment, and the like are enforced and properly complied with.
This section schedules the evaluation of student records and application for graduation every term. Such schedules are disseminated and posted on the bulletin boards of every program. Students are advised to apply for the evaluation of their academic records at least one-semester/term before their graduation. This section also prepares the list of candidates for graduation for recommendation of the Academic Council and confirmation/approval from the Board of Trustees. 

Records Section
The Records Section issues transfer credentials, transcript of records, certifications of academic documents needed for employment, travel abroad, scholarship grants, board examinations, and handles verification of the academic status of students and graduates.
Finally, the Office of the Registrar coordinates with the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dean of Higher Education, the School Deans, and other administrative officials of NMSCST with regard to academic activities of students, revisions of curricular programs, offering of new courses, and similar tasks. Students who wish to verify their academic records are encouraged to see the Registrar for guidance and advice.

Frontline Services

  • Enrolment Services for Freshmen/New students  & Transferees Enrolment Services for Returning &   Continuing students Issuance of Transcript of Records & Other   Certification Request for Withdrawal of Enrollment &   Adding/Dropping of subjects 
  • Issuance of Completion Form Issuance of Certification, Authentication and  Verification (CAV) Application for Evaluation (Graduating Students)
  • Application for Graduation Request for COR reprinting, Special Exam Permit 
  • Issuance of Exam Permit         
  • Request for Subject Accreditation       
  • Request for Correction of Grades 

Online Services