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Guidance Center

The Office primarily provides the following career development and counseling services:

Individual Inventory Service

It systematically collects, evaluates, and interprets data to identify the characteristics and potential of every client. The information is usually stored in an individual folder where the data accumulated about each student are kept while the student is a bonafide recipient of training and services of the institution.

Information Service

It consists of gathering and spreading of information about the different guidance activities, vocational opportunities and educational information for better adjustment and personal growth.

Testing Service

This service consists of the administration, analysis and interpretation of standardized psychological test or questionnaires. To gather adequate and reliable data about the student's intellectual capacities, potentials, interests, and personality and aptitudes.

Counseling Services

Counseling is a one-to-one helping relationship that focuses on a person's growth and adjustment and problem solving and decision-making needs. It is the counseling service that integrates all the data gathered about the individual and his/her environment, in order for them to make sense.

Informed Consent for Counseling Form

Counseling Appointment Form

Referral Service

Referral is usually understood as the action taken by persons within the institution who see that a particular person needs counselor assistance. In a school setting, teachers, administrators, parents, and other students may refer for a specific student for counseling. This is an accepted practice, and it presumes that the counselor is seen as able and available, and that counseling services are well-publicized within the school community. It is also the practice of helping clients find needed expert assistance that the referring counselor cannot provide.

Counseling Referral Form


It helps determine the status of the person who received assistance and what other assistance must be rendered so that the service is complete and holistic. It also determines the adequacy and sufficiency of the programs and services extended in meeting the needs of its clientele.

It is a service where counselors call students with behavioral problems, absences, incomplete school works, failed subjects, and other problems pertaining studies for academic consultation. It also includes academic monitoring, and counselor-parent/guardian and counselor-teacher consultation to facilitate concerns affecting school performance and self-management. Furthermore, to check how the students are doing the assess if further assistance is needed.


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