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Medical and Dental Services

Health Services refer to the primary health care and wellness program and is primarily offered by the Medical-Dental Clinic to serve the needs of the students.

Annual dental health services are done annually to all students and personnel. All medical dental service including availabe medicines given to the students and personnel are free. The clinic also supports medical dental mission of the Extension Office. 

Assessments of the physical fitness of students, athletes or of student delegates participating in a competition are primary done at the college clinic. 

Medical Assistance is also extended to the students during ROTC Tactical Inspection, educational tour, participation of games and festivities outside of the school premises. 

The School Clinic conducts the following services: 

  • Advises students and personnel to consult physician whenever some physical abnormalities or issues have been observed.
  • Conducts annual medical and dental examinations.
  • Initiates medical/dental and physical examinations and interview to junior, senior
  • Leads the school community in the wellness program.
  • Treats students and college personnel with minor ailment/illness.
  • Gives first aid treatnemtnto students and college personnel with serious injuries.
  • Records referrals/treatment of students and college personnel.
  • Fills-out Individual Treatment Records (ITR) and record referrals forms (RF) for proper documentation.
  • Coordinates/Monitors/Follow-up insurance membership, claims for reimbursement of accidents insurance of students and college personnel.
  • Determines the baseline and end line nutritional status of Secondary students (Junior and Senior High School).
  • Advices and guides students/college personnel in matters regarding health, nutrition and sanitation.
  • Coornates and establishes linkages with local, non-government organizations and people's organization regarding the health programs of the college.