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Scope of Research and Extension Activities and Its Priority Areas

The scope of the NMSCST Research Activities is determined by the State College mission to identify and promote priority areas towards local and national development.

Its priorities are directed towards the realization of its vision, supportive to the institutional mandate to meet the needs of the country and the world.

Allocation of research resources shall be based on priorities that may vary among schools.

Criteria for Determining Research Priorities

Subject to Research Advisory Council (RAC) periodic assessment and consequent decisions arising due to changing needs, the following criteria are set up for establishing research and extension priorities:

  • Direct support to necessities of the community and its surroundings
  • New or basic problem areas
  • Local, national and international issues and needs
  • Availability of funds, adequacy of facilities and other resources
  • NMSCST Code of Governance

Responsibilities and Expectations of NMSCST

The State College:

  • Encourages proponents to do research activities.
  • Gives support to the approved projects on scientific and technological undertakings.
  • Assists proponents to acquire funds from external sources.
  • Facilitiates the timely purchase of supplies and materials for project operations. 
  • Promotes sharing of research materials/equipment, expertise and other available resources.
  • Implements a system of monitoring and evaluation of on-going projects.
  • Develops a system of providing incentives to promote excellent researchers services.