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The Library supports the NMSCST curricular programs in its teaching, research and information need on technical and professional reading materials, equipment and instructional modus in various formats to enhance better learning to achieve quality education for all.

Library Hours

The College Library is open at least fifty four (54) hours a week.


  • Public and Readers' Services

  • References Services

  • Internet and Computer Services

  • Referral Services



The Library are leaders and partners involved in the quest and discovery of knowledge and the advancement of education.


The Library shall primary support fully the instructional and research programs of the institution by providing access to information through the teaching, acquisition, organization, and preservation of information resources in all formats.



The NMSCST Library be recognized as the center of learning resources by 2026.


• Establish and maintain strong and adequate collections that support the four-fold functions of the Institution;

• Provide effective and efficient facilities and services;

• Acquire, develop and preserve the necessary resources for reference, research and instructional purposes;

• Organize and maintain the needed technical services of cataloging, classifying, indexing, filing and other bibliographic works;

• Implement effective reference and circulation services for library users;

• Utilize the maximum use of the library resources among the academic community;

• Initiate coordination with the academic and administrative staff in planning a dynamic library development program;

• Work toward the full computerization of the whole library system; and

• Assess the effectiveness of the library services.


The College Library is located at NMSCST, Labuyo, Tangub City. It exists to support the vision and mission of the College in the promotion of the four-fold functions: instruction, research, extension and production.

The Library services can be accessed during the following schedules:

The Main Library serves 13 hours a day with NO noon break from Monday – Friday and Saturday (4 hours only).

Days Time

Monday – Friday 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Saturday 8:00 AM – 12:00 NN

E-Library serves 8 hours a day from Monday - Friday with NO noon break and Saturday (4 hours only).

Days Time

Monday - Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Saturday 8:00 AM – 12:00 NN

NMSCST Library Personnel schedule is done in 3 shifting with four hours in each shift.

The authorized users of NMSCST Library are the bona fide students enrolled during the academic year, existing faculty and staff and off campus users namely: retired faculty and staff, alumni, visitors and other clientele provided they have approved permit to avail of the library services.

It also offers the following services such as

Library Orientation – This refers to an instructional program that gives an overview of the total service operation of the NMSCST Library.

Book Borrowing – This service allows students to borrow a maximum of three books at a time for home use, one from the circulation section, one from the reserve section and one fiction material.

Reading Guidance (Reader`s Guidance/Reader`s Services) – It refers to providing assistance/guidance to students or any users regarding the availability or location of books, other resources relative to their field of specialization or other items under the control of the library.

In-house Indexing – It is a special service where students can have an easy access to the information found in the magazines and journals. It is arranged alphabetically according to their subject areas.

CD-ROM Services – These are services intended for faculty who are given priority accommodation for their ICT-Based Teaching Strategy. This is where electronic resources and equipment are located such as CD ROM`s and computers.

Reference Service - This is to provide answers to definite factual questions and information that a student or reader might need in developing a report or research paper, answering assignment, and in making a class project.

Reserve Book Provision – Reserve books are reserved by the librarian and the faculty that students can avail if many of them are using the same book which has a limited number of copies. This section or area is composed of Filipiniana, Reference and Circulation Books.

Card Catalog - The card catalogues is contained in a cabinet of 3 x 5 x 12 inches trays, which contain catalog cards. The cards filed in each tray contain entries of the author, title, and subject entry of the books available in the library. This catalog also serves as card indexes of the library`s total collections. The card catalog should be referred when searching for a book because each card provides the complete bibliographic information about the book as well as its location on the shelf. The cards are filed in a dictionary arrangement, inter-filing the author, title, and subject entries in one straight alphabetization.

Referral Service – It is a reference transaction in which a client who needs particular information is directed to a reliable person or agency outside the library, to provide better assistance. They have to secure a referral letter from the librarian for free and to be presented to the institution where they will be conducting their research. The students will be subjected to the rules and regulations of the referred institution. Request of referral letter should be made a day before the actual visit.

Feasibility Study/Thesis Assistance Service – This category of service is extended to users who are engaged in research work. They are provided with the listing of different researches conducted and the compilation of theses abstracts.

Information Dissemination/Current Awareness Service – This is an updated bulletin board display. Posted here are information about the library services, activities, and list of newly acquired books.

Technical Services – This service deals with the technical preparation of library materials. After the selection and acquisition process, materials are classified and organized for quick access to information. Before a material can be circulated, the technical staff shall analyze the contents of the book and then assigns a call number. The process is called cataloging and classification. It is also here where printed card catalog for books and printed index to periodicals are provided.

Library Exhibit – It is a service intended to promote and disseminate to the library users the newly acquired library materials.

Interactive Library Web Page – This service is intended to make known to users the entire library system of NMSCST and on how to avail and make use of its resources and services. The clientele may post their comments, suggestions and recommendations for improvement of the library services.