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The Library supports the NMSCST curricular programs in its teaching, research and information need on technical and professional reading materials, equipment and instructional modus in various formats to enhance better learning to achieve quality education for all.

Library Hours

The College Library is open at least fifty four (54) hours a week.


  • Public and Readers' Services
  • References Services
  • Internet and Computer Services
  • Referral Services
  • Library Services in the New Normal


Circulation service is one of the major functions of the Library. The following procedures are followed in the circulation of library material.

A. Policies and Guidelines on application, validation, and renewal of Library

A.1 Borrower's Card

• All bona fide NMSCST students are qualified to apply for a Library Borrower's Card. Freshmen, returnees and transferees are free of charge.

• Old students who lost their Library Borrower's Card are charged with corresponding fee to be paid at the Cashier’s Office.

• Students are required to apply for the Library Borrower's Card (LBC) before they are allowed to borrow library materials.

• The Library Borrower's Card serves as the official identification card for students to access the library resources and services. The holder must abide by the rules of the library. This card is non-transferrable, and is issued only once for each student until it is full.

A.2 Requirements for the Issuance of Library Borrower's Card:

• Validated I.D.

• 1 x 1 picture

• Certificate of Registration

A.3 Requirements for Validation of Old Library Borrower's Card:

• Validated I.D

• 1 x 1 picture

• Certificate of Registration

B. Policies and Guidelines in borrowing and returning of library materials

B.1 How to Borrow Library Materials

The borrower should follow these guidelines:

▪ Present the learning material or the book to be borrowed at the Library in -charge desk for recording;

▪ Fill up the date, name, course and year of the borrower in the Book Card;

▪ Submit Library Borrower's Card (LBC); and

▪ Take the book out for home reading, if it is for home use or read it inside the reading room if it is a General Reference or Non-Circulating book.

B.2. Borrowing

• Library Card is presented to the Circulation in-charge when students intend to borrow library materials

• Books are checked (physical condition) before it is loaned out. • Borrower`s card, book cards should be filled up completely by the borrower when a book is borrowed.

• Indicate date due on book card, date due slip and borrower`s card.

• The Circulation in-charge indicates the initial sign on the date due. Record the borrowed book on the ledger card of the borrower.

• File the book card/together with their Library Borrowers Card alphabetically by surname.

• For reserved books borrowed for home use, the client must follow the rules set for overnight use.

• Books taken out should be returned on the date indicated at the due date slip. Unreturned materials shall incur a fine.

• Clients with overdue books and unsettled accounts are not allowed to borrow books.

➢ The following clients are allowed to borrow books at a given period:

Students - A maximum of three (3) books at a time

- 1 Reserved and 2 Circulation or

1 Reserved and 2 Fictions

Faculty - Maximum of ten (10) books at a time Staff - Maximum of three (3) books at a time.

Off-Campus Users

Alumni - Alumni of NMSCST can use the library.

However, they shall follow the following rules:

• Alumni I.D. should be presented upon entering the


• Books can be borrowed for library use only. Visitors - They are researchers from other schools, colleges and universities Books and other library materials can be borrowed for library use only.

B.3. Returning

▪ Upon returning, the borrower shall present the books or the materials borrowed to the Circulation in-charge. The Circulation in-charge checks the due date slip of the book to determine if the book is returned on time. Book cards are returned to the book pocket.

▪ Locate and get the corresponding book card and borrower`s card from the file, the Circulation in- charge marks or stamps it returned.

▪ For overdue books, the Circulation in-charge issues fines and charges slip indicating the overdue amount.

▪ The borrower must present the Official receipt and fines charges to the circulation in charge before the Library Card will be released.

▪ The Circulation in-charge must indicate the date when the book was returned on the borrower`s card with the initial sign and mark out the last entry of the book card to make sure the book is returned.

B.4. Renewal

▪ Upon renewal, the borrower shall present the books/ materials

▪ borrowed to the circulation in-charge. The Circulation in-charge checks the

▪ physical condition of the book.

▪ Locate and get the corresponding book card and borrower`s card from the file to determine the number of renewals the borrower has made, the circulation in charge will mark/stamp it renewed.

Note: A book can be renewed if no one requests for its reservation. However, renewal of the same book title can be allowed only for three successive times.

B.5. Loan Period

Circulation Books

These books can be borrowed for three days.

Filipiniana Books

These books can be borrowed for room use and for photocopy only.

Reserved Books

These books can be borrowed within the reading area with one hour limit. The reader will return the book to the counter after an hour, unless nobody request on it. This can be borrowed for overnight use only.

Borrowing time:

• For overnight use:

4:00 pm – 8:00 pm (Must be returned at not later than 9:00 am on the following working day)

• Fiction Books

These are novels that can be borrowed for at most one week.

• The following materials are to be read in the library only:

• Newspapers, Magazines and Journals

• General References

• Theses, Reports and Feasibility Studies. These can be photocopied unless they have permission from the author.

B.6. Fines and Penalties

For Overdue Book

Faculty and staff must return to renew the overdue books before they can borrow any library materials for home use.

Students shall be required to pay the following fines:

Overnight Loan : P 7.00/hour

Circulation Book : P 7.00/day

Fiction : P 3.00/day

For Photocopy of Library materials

• Books can be photocopied for 30 minutes only.

• Book limit: 2 books may be borrowed at a time.

B.7. For Lost Book

When a book or material is lost, it should be reported immediately to the Circulation in-charge. The client is given a grace period of one week to locate the lost book/material. After the grace period, the client shall replace the books with the same title and edition or with latest edition (same author, title, publisher and copyright). However, this does not exempt the borrower from paying the fines it becomes overdue. An additional fine of 50.00 shall be charged as a processing fee.

B.8.For Damage Books

Any unauthorized marking, tearing, defacing of books and other library materials may require replacement of the same without prejudice to fines and disciplinary action to offenders.

• Suspension of Library Privileges

The following are grounds for suspension:

• Using of other library borrower's card shall be suspended from the use of library for one month;

• Taking out of any library materials not allowed for home use;

• Without the library staff permission shall be suspended from the library for one week;

• Forging signature of library staff shall be suspended for one month;

• Students with overdue books will be barred from borrowing until it will be paid at the Cashiers Office and showing the receipt at the Circulation in charge in the library; and;

• Vandalism, theft and other acts leading to or causing damage or loss of library property shall be subject to disciplinary action.

• Discourtesy, misconduct or any misdemeanor towards the library staff:

First offense - 3 days to one week suspension

Second offense - one month suspension

Third offense - one semester suspension

• A logbook for offenses shall be provided by the library.

• Any violations shall be recorded and referred to proper authority for the corrective sanctions.

B.9. Overdue Notices

• Students

➢ Students shall be notified for unreturned books either through posting of names at the Library Bulletin Board, letter of notification, through text or email.

➢ Name is crashed out from the list after they have settled the overdue accounts.

➢ If the overdue account is not settled, names of borrowers will be submitted to the Cashier's Office and account payable shall be included in the certificate of registration.

• Faculty/Staff

➢ A follow up notice will be sent a month after for those who failed to comply with the first notice.

➢ J.2.2 Second Overdue Notice shall be issued stating the list of books borrowed with corresponding amount.

• J.2.3 Third Overdue notice shall be issued stating the mode of payment. (Replace the book, Pay the Cost of the Book or Payroll Deduction)

Note: Updates of the overdue notices shall recall at the end semester