Philippine Standard Time:

Directory of Officials and Key Positions

Name Designation
Herbert Glenn P. Reyes, Ph. D. SUC President
Wilson C. Nabua, Ed. D. VP for Academic Affairs & Student Services
BAC Chairman
Amythyest M. Talaba, MPA Chief Administrative Officer
Registrar III
Kris Mae B. Lagang Board Secretary III
Claro G. Vicada Jr. Budget Officer III
Remegia A. Aleman Cashier III
Ferdinand M. Flores Supply Officer III
May G. Tamala, CPA College Accountant
Rowena D, Jaber, Ph. D. Vice President for Research, Innovation & Development Extension Affairs (VP RIDE)

Office of the President Name Designation
Marilou A. Gamas Director, Policy and Planning Office
Lito N. Nueva, MBA Director, Human Resource Management Office
Dainel D. Linganay, MT Director, Quality Assurance & Accreditation Office
Evans Rosauro I. Yonson, Ma, MIC Director, Public Relation, Marketing & Promotions Office
Charlie L. Miparanum Jr, MT Director, Safety & Security Office
Eng. Edison R. Clamonte, M. Eng. Director, Project Development Unit
Remegio L. Amen, PhD. Director, Scholarship & International Affairs Office
Carmelito B. Antonio Jr. Director, Data Protection Officer
Sarah Mae S. Engcoy, MSIT Director, Management Information System Office

Office of the Academic Affairs & Student Services Name Designation
Ferlyn V. Logronio, PhD Dean, School of Agriculture and Environmental Science (SAES)
Babylin A. Mina, MBA OIC Dean, School of Arts and Sciences (SAS)
Dionalyn Gumacial, PhD. Dean, School of Business Administration Management (SBAM)
Modesto B. Alino, PhD. Dean, School of Engineering Technology (SET)
Joel R. Dagot, EdD. Dean, School of Graduate Studies (SGS)
Joseph Meynard G. Ogdol, MSIT Dean, School of Information and Communication Technology (SICT)
Antonio T. Enerio JR., PhD. Dean, School of Teacher Education (STE)
Fe Sharon C. Tubal, MAEd Principal, Laboratory High School (LHS)
Luanne Kay R. Clamonte, RGC Director, Student Affairs and Services Office
Ruth F. Juanillo, MA Director, Alumni Relations and Placement Office
Charlie L. Miparanum, MT Director, National Service Training Program (NSTP)
Deljun R. Rodriguez, MPE Director, Culture, Arts and Sports Office
Maribel L. Pasco, RL Director, Library and Learning Resources Center
Andrei R. Saludo, MBA Director, Student Internship Office
Annibelle Joy A. Mendoza, MSA Director, Instructional Materials Office

Office of the Research, Innovation & Development Extension Affairs Name Designation
Rodrin R. Rivera, MSc Director, Research and Development Office
Evans Rosauro I. Yonson, MA, MIC Director, Extension and Community Development Office
Joseph Meynard G. Ogdol, MSIT Director, Biological Resource Research for Mindanao (BRRIM) Office
Orlando R. Rosauro Director, Innovation and Incubation Technology Support’s Officee
Fe Sharon C. Tubal, MAEd GAD Focal Person

Office of the Administration & Finance Services Name Designation
May G. Tamala, CPA Director, Finance Services Division / College Accountant
Claro G. Vicada JR. Budget Officer III
Remegia A. Aleman Cashier III
Florante G. Requina Director, Administration Services Office
Ferdinand M. Flores Supply Officer III
Rutzdee Mae G. Gilbolingo, MPA Coordinator, Procurement Management / Central Records Officer
Maria Contessa Jasmmyn L. Dag-uman, RN Health Services Officer
Mercel John M. Abatayo Maintenance & General Services Officer
Joel R. Dagot, EdD. Disaster Risk Reduction Officer

Resource Generation Center (RGC) Name Designation
Lito N. Nueva, MBA Director, Resource Generation Center
Genevive M. Dagot, MBA General Business Manager
Vinus Mae O. Mansueto Manager, RGC Canteen
Rebecca N. Ceballos Manager, RGC Catering Services/
Manager, RGC Bakery/Bakeshop
Genalyn D. Paden, MMHM Manager, RGC Food Hauz
Jennilyn P. Abdulsamad, MBA Manager, RGC Coffee Lounge/
Manager, RGC Coffee Shop
Fe C. Maaba, MBA Manager, RGC Novelty Items and Bookstore
Charlie L. Miparanum Jr., MT Manager, RGC Short Course Program
Johnny Mark M. Bolante Manager, NMSCST Farm
Marissa A. Legaspi Coordinator, RGC Business Administration
Jhulifher Kate C. Flores RGC Accountant