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Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs complements and supports the academic training of students through various student-related services aimed to develop academically competent, socially responsive and globally competitive students with a deep sense of solidarity. It shall serve as the official communication link with other authorities in the College, the student body, and the general public on matters concerning student welfare and development, student activities, and student discipline.

General Objectives

Together with other Academic Support Units/Offices, the Office of Student Affairs aims to: 

  1. Provide opportunities for students' active participation and involvement in the activities of the academic community and the wider community as well, thereby enhancing their personal growth and development for greater social responsibility;
  2. Formulate and implement appropriate programs and services responsive to the needs of students;
  3. Promote certain modes of conduct appropriate to an institution of higher learning, leading to an acceptance of, and positive response to the College's mission; and,
  4. Ensure that provisions of the Student Handbook are implemented through effective and proper dissemination of information.

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