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Culture and Arts

PESCAO - Physical Education, Sports and Cultural Affairs Office

The PESCAO was created to address various activities in Sports, Culture and Arts events in particular. The creation of the department was also stipulated in the CMO   "that there shall be a Department of Physical Education which shall serve to all units (departments, schools colleges) in consultation and coordination with the heads of these units."

The PESCAO shall be headed by a Director with a Master’s Degree, with at least five (5) years of administrative experience to any of the disciplines in sports and socio-cultural as trainers, coach, with relevant experience, exposed in performing and organizing events and advocates in the preservation on indigenous culture, sports and wellness. 

  1. Plan, develop and implement the cultural program, sports activities of the College.
  2. Supervise, monitor and control quality activities of the Cultural Performing Group and Sports Varsity.
  3. Establish linkages with government, non- government and people’s organization institutions in the promotion and preservation of indigenous culture. 
  4. Recommend or hire for Trainers/coaches for PAG and Sports, if not available.
  5. Preserve cultural heritage and fitness/sports related activities by conducting research and disseminates information to the authorities (NCIP, NCCA, CCP and others as may be relevant).
  6. Coordinate with other educational institutions for cultural and sports activities.
  7. Deliver quality service PE to all school or department in the institution.

Performing Arts:

  • NMSCST Chorale   
  • Dance Troupe and Pep Squad
  • Drum and Bugle Corp.
  • Live Band       
  • KABILIN-Rondalla Ensemble