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The Library supports the NMSCST curricular programs in its teaching, research and information need on technical and professional reading materials, equipment and instructional modus in various formats to enhance better learning to achieve quality education for all.

Library Hours

The College Library is open at least fifty four (54) hours a week.


  • Public and Readers' Services
  • References Services
  • Internet and Computer Services
  • Referral Services


Students are required to abide with the following:

1. Mark the attendance logbook before entering the library.

2. All students must be in their proper school uniforms with their ID's when they enter the Library.

3. All students are required to present their Library Borrower's Card (LBC) when entering and borrowing of books as well as other Library materials.

4. Courtesy must be practiced in the Library especially when borrowing and returning any library material. Any harassment (physical, sexual or verbal) to other Library users or Library Staff is considered as grieve misconduct.

5. The Library is a place for study, research and reading. Eating, smoking and drinking liquor are strictly prohibited.

6. Charging of students personal gadgets in the Library is not allowed.

7. Throwing or leaving pieces of paper on the floor, tables, chairs, etc. should be avoided.

8. Conducting classes inside the library is strictly prohibited.

9. Making projects and other co-curricular requirements is not allowed in the library.

10. Library services may be available to the public provided the researcher can present a letter of recommendation request from the librarian/head/graduate school where she/he came from. A service fee shall be paid to the Accounting Office. The receipt will be presented to the College Librarian. Researchers can avail of all library materials but these cannot be brought outside the library or borrowed overnight.

11. An alumnus may secure a letter of recommendation from his/her Dean/Principal noted by the Director of Alumni Affairs.