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The Library supports the NMSCST curricular programs in its teaching, research and information need on technical and professional reading materials, equipment and instructional modus in various formats to enhance better learning to achieve quality education for all.

Library Hours

The College Library is open at least fifty four (54) hours a week.


  • Public and Readers' Services
  • References Services
  • Internet and Computer Services
  • Referral Services


The library is composed of the following sections/areas:

1. Stack or Core Collection

This area houses the main core of the collection of the whole library system, and includes books in the major areas of knowledge or grouped by the Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme, i.e. Philosophy, Religion, Social Sciences, Language, Pure Sciences, Applied Sciences, Arts and Recreation, and History. This collection is loaned out for home use.

2. General Reference and Special Collection

Books in this area are generalities, or general works such as dictionaries, encyclopedias’, atlases, almanacs, handbooks, dictionaries, yearbooks, etc. Special collection includes books of various disciplines in special formats or special features. These are used independently by readers who read inside the section. Books should not be brought outside the specific area of the specified area for security and safety control. Photocopying portions of the book is allowed, upon approval of the personnel in-charge.

3. Reserved Section

It consists of textbooks with limited copies only. Books and other materials assigned as required reading for student. This is to enable all students to have access in the use of the books. This section is composed of Filipiniana, Reference and Circulation books that can be borrowed for room and overnight as well as photocopy purposes only.

4. Filipiniana Section

It consists of books about Philippine settings in whole or in part written by Filipinos and non- Filipinos. These books can be borrowed for room use and maybe allowed to be photocopied.

5. Periodicals Section

The Periodicals section provides information and knowledge that are not yet published in books. Periodicals include newspapers, magazines, professional journals, pamphlets, leaflets, brochures and vertical file materials. The professional journals include those recommended for subscription by the different colleges for specific researches of their own students. The materials are read only inside the area. These can be brought outside for photocopying purposes but subject to certain procedures, rules and regulations.

6. Technical Section

This is where printed and non-printed resources are being processed and organized according to the set criteria in cataloging and classifying before they are placed on the shelves.

7. Reading Area

This is a designated reading space where clients can study and read learning resources.

8. Fiction

It consists of novels and other reading materials. These materials can be borrowed for at most one week.

9. Theses/Dissertations/ Feasibility Studies Section

This section consist of theses, dissertations, feasibility studies submitted and endorsed to the library as supplemental reference materials especially to those students who are engaged in research. These collections are strictly for room use only unless permission from the author is secured.

10. Office of the Librarian

This is where clientele may seek further consultation about the topic and the library's resources and services.

11. Electronic Library

The Electronic Library (E-Lib) is set- up and solely intended to facilitate and support the academic needs of Northwestern Mindanao State College of Science and Technology faculty, staff and students in teaching and studying through the provisions of having up-to-date and efficient electronic resource materials.