Philippine Standard Time:

Public Advisory - Temporary Road Closure

Please be informed that the road leading to NMSCST from Maquilao is TEMPORARILY CLOSED due to the construction of the second gate/boom and widening of the road. All types of vehicles cannot pass through the said road until the project is complete. The temporary closure is necessary to avoid eventual/possible accidents. Rest assured that upon its completion, the ROAD WILL ONCE AGAIN OPEN for all riding public to use. Further, the road closure has been approved and coordinated well with the officials of Barangay Labuyo and Maquilao and was already announced last week over the radio. For now, please take alternative routes going to NMSCST.

Furthermore, the designated loading and unloading area is located 30 meters outside from the completed first gate/boom as this gate is now functional. Passes/stickers will be given to all students, employees and visitors with vehicles and even residents living inside the vicinity of the school for security purposes.

If you have questions, or clarifications, contact the institution at 088-586-0173 or visit the DSA Office or drop a message here. You may also ask the officials of Barangay Labuyo and Maquilao for your concerns.

This endeavor is to give better service to you especially that the institution is getting bigger. On that note, sorry for the inconvenience and we seek your understanding.