Philippine Standard Time:

Notice of Search for Private Sector Representatives and Call for Application

The NORTHWESTERN MINDANAO STATE COLLEGE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY GOVERNING BOARD formally and publicly announces the opening of the Search for Private Sector Representatives:


a.    The Private Sector Representative nominee shall not in any way be connected with the SUC concerned for at least two (2) years prior to his/her nomination for the PSR position.
b.    The Private Sector Representative nominee should not be employed in or appointed to any position in any government agency/entity, including government owned and controlled corporations, in any capacity – full time or part time – at the time of his or her nomination.
c.    The Private Sector Representative nominee should be from an industry, business or profession related to the SUC’s legal mandate/s.
d.    The Private Sector Representative nominee should have an extensive record of employment, business and expertise in the private sector. If the PSR nominee previously worked in a government agency/entity or was a consultant in any government undertaking, the portion of time the nominee served in government should not exceed one fourth (1/4) of the entire time the nominee served in the private sector. 


  1. Must be a Filipino citizen and has roots in Northwestern Mindanao.
  2. Must have knowledge, expertise, depth and breadth of experience needed in the  deliberations and work of the Governing Board.
  3. Must be able to participate in the meetings and undertakings of the Governing Board and its committees whenever and wherever agreed upon.
  4. Must be able to effectively link the College and its programs to the people of the communities.
  5. Must be able to establish linkages with local, national, as well as international agencies which may assist in the realization of the vision, mission, goals and objectives of the College. 



  1. Formal Application Letter addressed to:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Chairman, NMSCST BOT
Commission on Higher Education
4th Floor, HEDC Building, C.P. Garcia Avenue
U.P. Campus, Diliman, Quezon City

2.    Detailed Curriculum Vitae to include the following: 

  • Personal Details 
  • Educational Background 
  • Training and Experience 
  • Awards of distinction received 
  • Membership in civic, social, religious, professional or honor societies 
  • Expert services as owner, consultant, lecturer, resource/guest speaker, etc. 
  • Scholarship/fellowship (degree or non-degree), if any 
  • Professional Examination/s Passed 
  • 2”x2” ID picture (colored)

3.    CS Form 212 Revised 2017 Personal Data Sheet signed under oath;

4.    NBI Clearance;

5.    CS Form 211 Revised 2018 – CSC Medical Certificate ;

6.    Omnibus Sworn Statement (can be requested from the Office of the Board Secretary);

7.    Personal vision and mission statement for the College.

Any applicant who does not meet any one of the above mentioned minimum qualifications and cannot submit pertinent supporting documentary evidences for these minimum qualifications on the set deadline shall be disqualified from the Search Process.

IMPORTANT: Interested applicants must submit one (1) set of original documents and email  to on or before February 15, 2021,5:00 p.m.  (Philippines Standard Time ) to:

Chairman, Search Committee for Private Sector Rep.
NMSCST, Labuyo, Tangub City, MIsmais Occidental, 7214

Attention:   KRIS MAE B. LAGANG
                Board Secretary