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NMSC Faculty Members presented at the 3rd NCMAR


Five faculty members presented their research in the 2019 National Conference on Methodological Advances in Research (NCMAR) held at Samar State University, Catbalogan City, Samar, Philippines, on November 20-22, 2019. The conference focused on fractal statistics, data mining and theory building, simulation and modeling, multivariate methods, and other research methods such as developmental, experimental, quantitative, and qualitative.

The following research papers were presented:

Presenters Papers
Sarah Mae S. Engcoy 

Automated Bass Diffusion Data Calculation and Graphic Visualization Software Tool

Joseph Meynard G. Ogdol, Bill-Lawrence T. Samar, Sarah Mae Engcoy

Jhudiel M. Lobitaña

Socio-Economic Impact of Mining Ban in the Philippines

Jhudiel M. Lobitaña

Aljean Faye R. Pondara

The Structure of B-Algebras

Aljean Faye R. Pondara

Dionesel Regalado

Approximate Analytic Solution to the Three Species Lotka-Volterra Differential Equation Model

Dionisel Y. Regalado

Bill Lawrence Samar

Automated Synergy Calculation and Graphical Visualization: A Data-driven Computational Software Tool

Joseph Meynard G. Ogdol, Bill-Lawrence T. Samar