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Research Priorities

The State College through Research Advisory Council (RAC) conducts thorough evaluation and provides allocation of funds to the approved project proposals in the following research areas:

Science and Environment

  • Biodiversity (Flora and Fauna)
  • Water resources management
  • Disaster and hazard management (including disaster mitigation) / Disaster Resiliency
  • Pollution and waste management
  • Climage change / Global warming
  • Water potability
  • Indigenous resources research in Panguil Bay
  • Alternative and renewable energy

Arts, Social Sciences and Education

  • Policy-oriented research on Humanities, Social Science, Communication and Education
  • Technological inputs to teacher education
  • Health-related researches

Agriculture and Fisheries

  • Use of scientific principles to enhance fisheries and agricultural productivity
  • Indigenous species in Panguil Bay
  • Smarter agriculture and fisheries
  • Food innovation
  • Herbal medicine


  • Policy research on information and industrial technology
  • Wired and wireless network technologies (including Internet connectivity to public schools)
  • Application and digital content development (including knowledge-based technology)
  • Fractal researches