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Research Agenda


Research plays a vital role in national development. It is, in fact a fundamental function of higher education institution alongside with instruction and extension (or community service). It is also the goal of the Philippine government to support higher education sector's goal to develop high level and globally competitive workforce, generate/transfer knowledge and technology for enhancing productivity of life in order to reduce poverty and ensure sustainable development in the country. For this reason, it is important and necessary to harmonize and consolidate efforts towards increased research productivity and quality.

Northwestern Mindanao State College of Science and Technology, located in Labuyo, Tangub City, being one of the Higher Education Institutions in this point of Northwestern Mindanao aims to contribute significantly to National Development.

To address these different dimensions on national development, NMSCST envisions to be a place where Science and Technology Education and Research on Indigenous Resource works. Thus, it is her mission to,

  • produce creative, resourceful, innovative citizens of a borderless world;
  • contribute significantly to the reservoir of knowledge in endemic resources and renewable energy in the local context;
  • provide opportunities within everyone's reach;
  • be a paragon of a financially autonomous higher education institution;
  • be an exemplar of good governance and transparency.

Background of Research in NMSCST

The NMSCST emerged as a state college in July 2001 from being an Agro-Industrial School in Tangub City. For 12 years as a state college, it has not produced any research papers because the College was still overcoming its status as a secondary school where the faculty members were neither inclined nor motivated to conduct research.

In the later quarter of 2012, the coming of the new visionary College President brought new hope to uplift the level of the College through hiring a consultant and qualified faculty members to handle research works. A research core group was organized to write publishable research.

In 2013, the College was able to publish more than 10 researches to the refereed journals in various Colleges and Universities in the country including the newly established NMSCST Research Journal. In 2014, the College was able to produce 18 researches published in the institutions' research journal. The two volumes of the journals were then submitted to the Commission on Higher Education for Accreditation.

In 2015, the NMSCST research journal passed the Category B accreditation by the CHED. This is a manifestation of the College practice in adopting external refereeing. In addition, the full support of the administration on hiring a research consultant, deloading of instructors and giving of incentives encouraged/motivated the faculty to produce quality researches. Thus, putting the College Vision and Mission into full implementation. Hence, NMSCST Research Agenda is hereby conceptualized.


NMSCST as the Research Hub of Endemic Resources and Renewable Energy in Northern Mindanao.


To contribute significantly to the reservoir of knowledge in endemic resources and renewable energy in the local context.

Philosophy of Research

Research in NMSCST is guided by the philosophy of establishing a niche in the generation of knowledge in indigenous resources and their practical uses for improvement of the Quality of Life. It is guided by the principles of multidisciplinary and functionality.