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Editorial Policy

The NMSCST Research Journal is the official publication of the College, which publishes and reviews, researches in Sciences, Social Sciences, Language and Communications, Agriculture and Teacher Education by the faculty and other researchers. This is an annual publication of the institution, which seeks to unify these branches of inquiry by publishing quality, peer reviewed research articles.


  1. Organize the paper following these major headings: Title, Author(s) and Address(es), Abstract, Introduction, Conceptual Framework, Research Methodology, Results and Discussions, Conclusions, Acknowledgment and References. The References should substantially consist of articles published in current content-covered or peer-reviewed journals.
  2. Type the entire manuscript double-spaced on a short white bond paper (8.5 x 11 in) on one side only with 2.5 cm margins all around using a Times New Roman font size of 12. References, Acknowledgment, Table Titles, and Figure Legends should be typed double-spaced. Number consecutively all pages, including title page, figures and tables.
  3. Leave two spaces before and after the major headings and sub-headings. Do not use footnotes, unless necessary for better comprehension.
  4. Spell out acronyms or unfamiliar abbreviations when these are mentioned for the first time in the text.
  5. Write the scientific names of species when it is first mentioned in the text and use the common name in succeeding references. Italicize scientific names.