The library will be recognized as the center of information and instructional materials for the implementation of the four-fold functions of the institution.


To access latest electronic information and acquire latest edition of instructional materials.


To meet the accreditation standard and become the premiere library in the four-fold functions of the institution.


1.Provides current library materials and databases that support the academic curriculum.

2.Updates all collections to meet the needs of NMSCST clientele.

3.Preserves NMSCST college collection.


I. Authorized Users:

1. Constituent of NMSC
* Official * Faculty and other Academic Personnel * Bonifide students
2. Non member of College will has allowed to use the library with the permission from the college librarian
* Alumni and retired faculty members. * Faculty and student of other Educational institutions * Government employees doing research * Personnel in business and industrial issues * Private individuals

II. Requirements for NMSC users

1. College ID to be presented at the control desk upon entrance in the library premises.
2. Library Borrowers Card (LBC)
Requirements: 2.1 Two copies of 1x1 I.D. pictures
3. E- card for internet and star books searching
Requirements: For payment of E- card at the cashier office
III Regulation

1. A student should apply for library borrower's card at College Library.
2. A library borrower's card is valid for one semester and to be validated for the succeeding semester.
3. Replacement of list borrowers card shall be issued are week after upon payment of P25.00 at the cashiers office.
4. Borrowers Barcode number shall be issued upon payment at the cashier office and upon application Of the college I.D.
5. None member users shall pay library fee of Php 25.00 and Php 15.00 per hours for using the internet. Any valid ID's must be presented to the Librarian for verification purpose.
6. Printing fees of any materials downloaded shall be charges.

IV. Services for library Uses of NMSCST

1. Assist the user.
2. Loans of books and other instructional material.
3. Material Order.
4. The library is open from Monday to Friday.

V. Borrowing System

1. Books shall be barrowed for one day period and shall be renewed for another one day.
2. Reserved books.
* Book shall be barrowed on hourly bases or overnight uses.
3. Overnight loan books.
* Book shall be barrowed overnight starting 4 o'clock in the afternoon and shall be returned before 9 o'oclock in the morning of the following day to avoid penalty.

VI. Library restricted materials can be used only inside the library.

1. General reference.
2. Filipiniana
3. Multi - Media
4. Periodical & Serial
a. news paper
b. clippings
c. vertical files
d. brochores

VII. Electronic Library

1. E-library
2. Starbooks. It credits online public access which provides 4 modules:
a. Administrator
b. Catalogue collection w/ the resources description Access (RDA).
c. and searching collection of the Library.
d. Enhances open access.
3. Audio - visual (CD's , video recording and etc).


1. Always present your I.D. or borrowers card at the circulation desk.

2. Books in every section aside from general reference may have borrowed for overnight and May renewed for the same period. If not in demand this books maybe borrowed at a time.

3. Borrowed books should be returned on or before specified due date. A fine of P1.50 pesos hours is charged if books not returned in time.

4. For renewal of Trans, presentation of books together with the borrower's card at the changing desk is necessary.

5. In case you lost the book inform immediately the librarian.


1. Noise, disturbance and unbecoming behaviour are strongly prohibited.

2. Abusive or threatening behaviour to library staff is also prohibited.

3. No food or soft drinks is permitted in the library.

4. Smoking is not allowed in the library.

5. Cell phone shall be in silent mode while inside library.

6. Disabled user shall be given due considerations.

7. No communication shall be distributes within the library w/out the librarian's permission.

8. Library furniture, fitling or equipment must be taking cared.

9. Personal belonging should not be left in the desk or table.

10. Unattended belonging are at owner's risk.

11. Any carried material or item is subject for inspections.

12. Any damaged or defacement of the library materials is strictly prohibited.

13. Taking of pictures is prohibited unless is permitted.

14. Games, face book, twitter, instagram, etc. is not allowed inside the e-library.

15. Failure to adhere copyright laws is violations.

16. Re-charging of mobile phone in the library is strictly prohibited.